Duty of Care International supports businesses with their duty of care responsibilities

We help you to build great practices so you can deliver quality work and keep your people healthy and safe

Our Services

Advisory service

A consultancy advice service to suit the occasion; employee relations, policy review, critical incident, reassurance and support – by the hour, in a bundle, on retainer.

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Integrated duty of care (and safeguarding) framework

A framework that applies duty of care principles to the areas of work your people, programmes and projects need them most.

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Due diligence safeguarding audit

A due diligence safeguarding audit service to identify strengths and weaknesses in your safeguarding systems and practices.

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Learning and training

Develop the skills and competencies to manage and lead on duty of care responsibilities.

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Speaking engagements

Speaker service on humanitarian HR and duty of care matters.

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Opinions, articles, research

Contribute towards the evidence which shows which duty of care measures to invest in, to make the greatest impact on your people, costs, productivity and reputation.

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Working in an environment that feels safe, supportive and protective enhances the physical and mental well-being of the people working for you. When people know that they are valued it gives them the encouragement and opportunity to flourish, even in risky working environments. At Duty of Care International, we are committed to getting the most out of your people whilst keeping them safe, even in the toughest of environments. Our methods are preventative, solution-based and tailored to each organisation to ensure those who work for you feel valued and your organisation continues to thrive. Taking the time to provide optimal working standards demonstrates how much you care about your business and the people that make your business a success.

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The people working for your organisation are your greatest asset

Your approach to Duty of Care demonstrates how important your workers are.  Duty of Care is a topic that carries legal, moral and ethical obligations for employers.  As an employer, your obligations depend on what you are asking your workers to do and where you are asking them to do it, and this could be across international borders and in complex, high-risk environments. As Duty of Care touches all aspects of the employment cycle – from recruitment to exit, it adds even more complexity to how the different aspects are managed, monitored and reviewed in an effective way.

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COVID-19 and your duty of care

Globally, we are facing an unprecedented pandemic which requires a specific business continuity plan and response from all organisations.  The threat of COVID-19 is a pandemic of this nature requires organisations to look at duty of care using different perspectives.  Have you risk assessed the role and the individual (together) based on their vulnerability to COVID-19 and access to appropriate medical support? How will you adapt your recruitment strategy – will you adapt to recruiting essential roles only, no accompanied posts? Will you recruit national staff as much as possible? Consider additional specialist remote support for in-country staff. What medical support are all staff (national and non-national) likely to receive in each location? This checklist provides the basics for your organisation.