With an extensive background in human resource management and humanitarian aid we can work with you and your organisation to ensure a harmonious working environment that’s not only compliant with local regulations but also consciously ensuring that your workers feel healthy and safe.

We work with businesses at every stage of the employment cycle – from the recruitment to exit. Working with a range of businesses across a range of industries means that my approach is bespoke and always created with people at the centre.

How I can help you and your business become compliant with Duty of Care

In order to understand your business and what changes must be undertaken, we work closely with you to understand:

Where you are now

We review current policies, practices and training. This gives an understanding of the business’s current position and an insight into how you work and the areas that need further consideration. We use benchmarking tools and engagement techniques that give insight into what is best for your business.

Where you want to be

Following the initial research, we’ll speak to you about the priorities your business faces. From critical to “good to have”, our detailed report will provide analysis and insight to give you a thorough, transparent assessment of your current position and recommended next moves.

How to get there

Once you know what needs to be changed and reviewed, we’ll work closely with you to take the necessary next steps. We can provide project plans, tools, policy guides and training.

How to stay there

Once our work is completed, we’ll ensure you have the tools to monitor your business and the changes you’ve made, effectively.

We build on what you already have and work closely with you to understand the concerns you want to address. It’s vital your business is compliant as well as considerate of those working for you. People are your most valuable asset and by undertaking a duty of care approach your employees are more likely to remain motivated, engaged and productive.