Duty of Care is all about looking after your employees, volunteers and consultants – physically and psychologically – wherever they are based in the world, whatever their environment and at every stage in the employment cycle.

Duty of Care International works with organisations globally to protect and care for employees and volunteers working in all types of environments. From developing Duty of Care minimum standards to embedding new practices, Duty of Care International, led by Christine Williamson, works closely with organisations to help create a better, more responsible place to work. Christine works independently or partners with associates to deliver the Duty of Care services organisations require.

Christine works with you to ensure you are meeting your responsibilities as an employer, to reduce your liabilities and risks and to help provide a supportive environment where your employees can flourish at work.

Contact Christine to discuss the services and packages available.

Key---adviceDiagnostic & specialist advice

Do you know what standards of Duty of Care you currently provide to your employees?  How robust are the practices that safeguard your teams’ health, safety and well-being?

Diagnostic & specialist advice is key to help you identify where you are and where you want to be with your Duty of Care practices. This can be a catalyst for developing a strong framework to ensure you provide high standards of practice for those who work with you and for you.

…how to prepare and train your employees, volunteers, consultants and partners in Duty of Care; support employee relations cases; programme set ups; advise on avoiding, responding to and managing critical incidents…..


Building a Duty of Care programme

What do you do to look after the health & wellbeing of your staff?

A Duty of Care programme builds on what you’re already doing – by developing a set of minimum standards and indicators to manage your Duty of Care practices, and by testing and building robust employment policy, practice and tools in order to transform your Duty of Care culture at all stages of the employment cycle – from recruitment to exit.

…how to manage a Duty of Care strategy and programme, develop and embed robust employment policy and practice, create minimum duty of care standards, charters and health and wellbeing frameworks…

Kyrgyzstan-workshopWorkshops & Training

One of the best ways to help your managers and employees understand what Duty of Care really means can be through workshops, focus groups and training sessions.

These can be for small or large groups using participative and collaborative approaches which bring the issue to life, helping people to learn, share and create solutions for their own organisation.


pathway-to-discovery---researchActively researching more practical and better ways for organisations to continuously improve their practices in Duty of Care – to bring a Duty of Care culture that is continuously thinking, learning and adapting. Would you like to be involved?  Discover more by visiting the research page.