Introduction to our services

We help you identify gaps and develop strategies to strengthen your people management and duty of care practices.  We provide diagnostic consultation, sustainable solutions, practical guidance on how to implement and monitor your systems as well as supporting the growth of the competences of those who look after your people systems from recruitment to exit.

Our approach

We provide tools to strengthen your practices and training to develop your competences.  We help you get duty of care on the agenda and keep it there.

Our approach is simple – we use a knowledge model when working with you:


Know where you are now
‘Know what you don’t know’

We find out where you are now using benchmarking tools and engagement techniques to understand what is required and works best for your organisation. Read more on Products
Know where you must be
We provide recommendations based on what’s urgent, essential, important and good to have.

You’ll receive a detailed report with clear recommendations
Know how to get there

We help you get there – we can support you with project plans, tools, policy, guides and training. Read more on Products

Know how to stay there
We provide monitoring tools

Service: policy templates, project planning, implementation guidance, training for key roles and whole teams. Read More on Products




We offer packages and products that take into account the complexities of duty of care.

We provide specialist advice & support and practical key policy templates, guides and quality assurance tools for recruitment, induction, health, safety & wellbeing, performance management, learning & development, equality & diversity, and staff and volunteer handbooks, and more.






Events, workshops, training & research

Christine leads and presents at duty of care events and conducts workshops, focus groups and training sessions, all of which are excellent ways for managers and employees to learn about the role that duty of care plays in your organisation.

These can be organised for small or large groups using participative and collaborative approaches creating both a stimulating and productive learning experience.

Alongside these learning opportunities, Christine conducts research on duty of care and has published numerous articles that provide insight into the way organisations can continue to improve their practices in duty of care.