About Christine

Duty of Care International is led by Christine Williamson.  Christine specialises in supporting people and organisations with their Duty of Care responsibilities towards their employees, consultants, volunteers and partners. She is an international HR specialist and has been immersed in the humanitarian relief and development sector, UK and overseas, for over 16 years.

Christine has a business and HR background and has worked with several international organisations (INGOs), on people strategy, employment policy (development and implementation), reward frameworks, practical tools and guides for large humanitarian programmes and smaller local NGOs. Christine has a passion for supporting those who work in diverse, complex and high risk environments and fervently believes that organisations can keep their people healthy, safe and secure by looking through a Duty of Care lens. Over the past few years, she has dedicated time to this topic to encourage organisations to take Duty of Care seriously and to help them grasp how necessary it is.

Christine sees Duty of Care as an enabler and has published articles and undertaken extensive research in this area (see the research & resources sections). She has had the opportunity to work in senior HR roles for many years and has been an advisor to employees, managers and directors on this topic.

Christine has also worked in highly challenging environments with different INGOs and network organisations and supported many humanitarian responses across Africa and Asia. She advocates and promotes good people management practice by providing diagnostic advice and support to organisations taking into account the multi dimensional facets of Duty of Care, as well as other areas of health and wellbeing.

Christine has worked at World Vision, Tearfund, Medair, People In Aid (now CHS Alliance) Save the Children and more recently as the Director of HR for Amnesty International, and collaborated on projects with other organisations including the UN, Cranfield University and InterHealth Worldwide. After many years in senior HR positions, she is now an independent consultant specialising in Duty of Care.

Feedback received

Amnesty International – Richard Eastmond, Senior Director for Organisation Development & Human Resources

“If there is one subject which could be said to run through Christine’s DNA it is Duty of Care. All of her career has been focused in one way or another into this increasingly important space whether working in countries as diverse as Haiti or the UK. We benefited from her expertise during her time as Interim HR Director at Amnesty International and I’d recommend people from the NGO or corporate world to speak to her to access her expertise. Duty of Care has never been more front of stage for organisations than it is at present.”

Mission Aviation Fellowship UK (MAF) – Gary Colvin, Head of Human Resources formerly Head of International HR, Tearfund

“Having known Christine for a long time I have come to value her care and expertise for supporting staff working in challenging environments. She has been a strong advocate of producing guidance and policy that will bring clarity for organisations.  She was instrumental in the production of a Human Resources Management guide for Tearfund Partners that was built upon first-hand knowledge of working with partners in diverse cultures. She has a breadth of knowledge and experience built on international assignments and senior roles in some well-known international charities.  I commend Christine to you as a hard worker to guide you in your Duty of Care.”