Value your workers and they will value your business!


Your approach to Duty of Care demonstrates how important your workers are.  Duty of Care is a topic that carries legal, moral and ethical obligations for employers.  Your obligations will depend on what you are asking your workers to do and where you are asking them to do it, and this could be across international borders and in complex, high-risk environments. As Duty of Care touches all aspects of the the employment cycle – from recruitment to exit, it adds even more complexity to how the different aspects are managed, monitored and reviewed in an effective way.

We want you to get the most out of your workers, whist keeping them healthy and safe, no matter where they work. We believe the best way to meet your Duty of Care obligations is by taking both preventative and solution-based approaches.  By adopting this holistic approach and seeing duty of care as a way to provide optimal standards, rather than minimal, you will demonstrate you genuinely care and are more likely to see your people thrive even in the toughest of environments.



Your Legal Liability

Why you need Duty of Care